EWHN has sent a letter to tjhe President of the European Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, expressing our strong concern about Transatlantic Treaty and Investment Partnership (TTIP) forst of all for “the lack of transparency and proper democratic oversight that have characterised the communication to the public on the development of this treaty up to the present time.
EWHN also observes that “from what is leaked to the public that the provisions of TTIP put current and future measures and regulations taken to protect the health, safety and welfare of working people throughout the European Union at risk”.
Other highlighted issues:

  • The need to protect individuals, consumers, communities and employees throughout Europe (and internationally) from possible exploitation.
  • Our opposition to any action delaying more protective regulations or aiming to “revise” existing regulations in future which inevitably will lead to deregulation and less protection of employees.
  • Our strong concern about the inclusion of investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) in TTIP which, placing investors and states on an equal footing, is a very anti-democratic step.
  • Our aware that the predictions made about the impact TTIP would have all European economies and job markets are false: instead of creating jobs, it is recognised that something between 325,000 and 1.3 million European workers would lose their jobs as a result of labour displacement arising from TTIP.

In conclusion, EWHN urges the European Commission to reject TTIP altogether as fast track deregulation and go back to the drawing board regarding trade agreements.

Full text of the letter

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